Police Uniforms Aren’t Designed For Women

May 5, 2017 in Daily Bulletin

Sydney Parker looked at police uniform design:

  • Women often find their police uniforms don’t fit them – from pants with crotches that are too low – to bulletproof vests that leave their sides and abdomens exposed.
  • When one complained about the fit of a vest, the manufacturer fixed it by cutting out holes for the breasts. Upon further complaint, the manufacturer covered the holes with two sown on cones, Madonna style.
  • Females typically have smaller belts, able to clip on fewer items. A drop holster around the leg expands their capacity but some departments block that because it looks too tactical.
  • 13% of law enforcement officers are women, and so police uniforms are typically designed with men in mind.
  • This forces some women to pay out of their own pockets to have their clothes tailored to fit them better.

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