Life Imitates Art: Heinz Turns To Mad Men For Its Next Ad Campaign

March 20, 2017 in Daily Bulletin

TV writers could do well in the ad industry writes Jessica Wohl:

  • In a 2013 episode of the hit show Mad Men, the lead is responsible for creating a marketing campaign for Heinz ketchup.
  • Instead of showing the iconic bottle or logo, the fictional character depicted food like French fries and burgers with the tag “pass the Heinz”.
  • 2017 is the tenth anniversary of the premiere of the show, and executives thought the idea was worth bringing to life.
  • Billboards with photos like the ones above will go up around Times Square, and will be shown in magazines like the New York Post.
  • While Heinz wasn’t involved in the making of the show, it got permission from Lionsgate before running the campaign.

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