Japan’s Elderly Are Redefining Luxury

July 27, 2017 in Daily Bulletin

Chris Cooper and Keiko Ujikane examined Japan’s rising luxury market:

  • Japan’s population is ageing and that means a lot of retirees with pensions saved up.
  • The country’s frugal culture means that the average retiree starts with a parting bonus of $210,000.
  • Finally free of a taxing work schedule and family responsibilities the old are looking to have some fun.
  • One company launched a luxury sightseeing tour bus (pictured above) so the aged can visit landmarks in comfort.
  • Another set up in the very heart of Tokyo and started drilling into the earth to build an artificial hot spring.
  • Luxury cruise ships that tour the world over several months can charge as much as $230,000 for a cabin and are selling out immediately.
  • And a 10-carriage sleeper train speeds around Japan with Michelin-starred chefs and a lounge pianist onboard for its 34 passengers.

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