In Nigeria Fake GPS Readings Are Being Used To Boost Uber Fares

November 29, 2017 in Daily Bulletin

Yemisi Adegoke wrote about Uber in Nigeria:

  • Uber drivers in Nigeria are using an app that feeds fake GPS data into Uber’s tracking system, making the trip seem longer than it was.
  • The abuse ranges from a few extra dollars per trip, to costs that are an order of magnitude higher than what the fare would have been.
  • Drivers in Nigeria say that it’s a reaction to Uber slashing its base fare by 40% in May.
  • Nigeria is emerging from a recession and continues to struggle with inflation driving up food prices, even as the country suffers from extreme poverty.
  • The drivers allege that Uber knows about their manipulation – but doesn’t have an incentive to stop them since it means more revenue for them. Uber denies this.
  • Uber’s competitors have figured out ways to block the use of GPS hackers.

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