How Tinder Made The NBA Better

November 17, 2017 in Daily Bulletin

Tom Haberstroh wrote about the “Tinderization” of the NBA:

  • In the 80s home teams won 70% of games. Today they win just 57%.
  • Tinder is a big reason why. NBA players on the road now get a lot more sleep as they don’t need to stay up all night drinking at clubs to pick up dates.
  • Instead by texting their date and leaving a key at the front desk, they can have someone in their room waiting for them the moment they return to their hotel.
  • The rise of chartered jets – where coaches can control diet and alcohol intake – has also boosted sleep levels.
  • Social media in general now allows the world to see if players are up late before a game, or in a drunken brawl. To protect their brands and corporate sponsorships players have decided it’s better to just stay in.

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Via: Cracked