Cryptocurrency Miners Leased A 747 To Deliver Graphics Cards

August 7, 2017 in Daily Bulletin

Cryptyde wrote about the cryptocurrency market:

  • In June the price of Ethereum, a cryptocurrency, surged over 3,000%.
  • “Miners” who help keep the currency stable, and are rewarded with tokens of the currency, could make millions of dollars a day mining the currency.
  • The rewards of mining decrease with time, making it important to quickly get mining operations up and running.
  • Graphics cards are key to mining Ethereum – and there has been a general shortage in the market for them as miners have bought out some of the top cards.
  • Upon seeing the surge in prices for Ethereum one company leased a 747 to fly a batch of AMD graphics cards directly from the manufacturer to their mining facility.
  • The interest in its wares has helped boost AMD’s share price – it has doubled over the course of the year.

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