China’s Dating Schools

December 4, 2017 in Daily Bulletin

Sui-Lee Wee wrote about China’s dating schools:

  • Many Chinese youth are struggling with a societal shift away from arranged marriages and towards ones based on mutual attraction.
  • They often haven’t built the skills necessary to successfully date. And traditional gender preferences combined with the one child policy have left an overabundance of boys.
  • Dating schools will charge boys anywhere between $45 for an online course to $3,000 for individualized coaching.
  • Courses start with the basics: how to dress. Narrow collars and fitted pants are important.
  • Next up: a haircut. The right style is key.
  • Professional photographers help the boys strike artistic poses to convey a sense of sophistication.
  • Then there’s field work. Enrollees are expected to approach random women in the mall and ask to add them on WeChat – a major Chinese social media platform.
  • The schools boast a 90% success rate in having their graduates find girlfriends.

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Via: Marginal Revolution.