Apple’s New Headquarters Has Sparked A Battle For Trees

April 28, 2017 in Daily Bulletin

People used to get in line for Apple’s products. Now Apple is getting in line for trees, wrote Melia Robinson:

  • Apple’s new headquarters is set to open this year, and was meant to have 9,000 trees on site. They’re 3,000 short.
  • They’re getting competition from a San Francisco bus terminal that’s also planning to prominently feature trees.
  • Landscapers for the two are competing against one another, and have gone as far as Portland to reserve trees at nurseries before the other can get to them.
  • Beth Hyatt thinks that the end of California’s recent drought is contributing to the problem as there is a sudden uptick in demand for trees by landscapers.
  • Happily, Jesse Russell writes that Apple has done a better job of planning the apple trees that will, fittingly, feature prominently. They were planted and stored in nurseries back when construction began.

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