Why Do So Many High End Restaurants Serve Burgers?

September 12, 2016 in Daily Bulletin

Restaurants that serve a wide variety of cuisines, and are on the pricier end on the market, are all starting to offer burgers. Ryan Sutton looked into why this was:

  • Restaurants that introduce a burger usually price it to be much cheaper than the rest of the options on the menu.
  • And since burgers normally come with fries, it usually means patrons are too full to consider appetizers or deserts.
  • Therefore, the economics of burgers are confusing – they seem like they would drag down restaurant margins.
  • But restaurants reason that they attract a broader base of customers who might eventually order more expensive things on the menu.
  • It’s the dinner period that is usually the most lucrative for high-end restaurants anyway, so several will limit the burger option to the lunch menu.
  • Though classy restaurants also have to deal with grumpy chefs who didn’t get into the gourmet food preparation business to flip burgers. To placate them, some restaurants will limit the number of burgers they sell to as little as five per day.

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Source: Eater

Via: Marginal Revolution