Wheel Of Fortune Is Raking It In This Political Season

March 26, 2016 in Daily Bulletin


Tim Higgins wrote about what this election means for the famous American TV game show, Wheel of Fortune:

  • Revenues in 2016 for Wheel of Fortune are so far seven times what they were in 2012.
  • Over the past year or so election candidates and Super PACs have purchased over 13,600 ad spots.
  • During an event like the Iowa caucuses six out of every seven minutes of ad time relates to the 2016 election in some way.
  • The show is popular with campaigns because its average viewer is 50 years old, and 70% of the audience say that they “always” vote.
  • The show is on everyday and so viewers usually watch it live meaning that the ads reach the intended audience the time that buyers want them to.
  • Usually a 30 second local ad-buy on the show costs $1,250. During election season that jumps to $50,000.

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Source: Bloomberg