Whatever Happened To Drive In Theaters?

August 31, 2016 in Daily Bulletin

The idea of drive-in theaters seems pretty cool. Instead of being stuck in a cramped movie theater seat, you get to drive up in your car, lean your seat back, uncover the snacks in the glove compartment, and enjoy a show. Evan V. Symon wrote about why we don’t see more of them:

  • Price is a factor. Drive in theaters usually charge by the car, and so an entire group of friends on a truck can watch a movie for a fraction of what it would cost them at the theater.
  • Having an outdoor movie theater has unique challenges. Like bird nests. And moths attracted to the big bright screen.
  • In most locations they can only be used during certain times of the year. No one wants to take their car through a snow storm to watch a film in the winter – around the time that audience driving blockbusters like Star Wars come out.
  • And then there is the rain. Even if the viewers aren’t watching from flatbed trucks, those inside cars will still have their movie experience ruined by windscreen rain splatter.
  • Drive in theaters also have to double as auto mechanic shops to deal with all the people who have car trouble as they try to leave the lot.
  • There is still hope. Drive in theaters might survive by appealing to families who don’t have to be embarrassed about crying children. Toddlers with too much energy could run about outdoors.

Read other details including some of the…grosser aspects of having an outdoor movie theater here.

Source: Cracked