The Navy May Soon Need To Recruit Gardeners To Go On Dangerous International Missions

October 7, 2016 in Daily Bulletin

It seems Gandalf was onto something when he had a gardener join Frodo on his stealth mission to strike deep into enemy territory. Jennifer Mcdermott wrote:

  • The Navy is looking into growing fresh vegetables onboard submarines hydroponically.
  • Currently sailors run out of fresh produce a week into multi-month missions and then have to subside on canned and frozen fare.
  • While space on submarines is at a premium, it is thought that the morale boost of having fresh food might be worth the space cost of having a farm.
  • The vegetables would be planted several months before the mission, so the crewmembers would simply have to harvest the food while they were onboard.
  • With over a hundred crew members, the farm probably wouldn’t be able to produce enough fresh produce for hand-picked vegetables to make an appearance at every single meal. Instead it’ll likely be the odd treat to keep spirits up.

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