The Latest Craze In Thailand Is Haunted Dolls

February 5, 2016 in Daily Bulletin

Thailand dollThe Economist had a fascinating article on a recent Thai economic trend:

  • The dolls – or “child angels” as they are known – are blessed with the spirit of a child and are thought to bring good luck.
  • Their owners go so far as to feed and water them, while dressing the US$110 toys in the finest clothing.
  • The dolls are so popular that one airline allows fliers to purchase an extra seat so that their doll can buckle in and travel in comfort.
  • At buffets the dolls can dine for the child price – although they’ll be expected to pay for any food on their plates that remains uneaten.
  • Even “Disney on Ice” will offer tickets for the dolls.
  • Smugglers have taken note of the trend and are using the toys to smuggle drugs.
  • And there’s a bit of a backlash – the dolls are, after all, meant to be haunted with spirits. Some people don’t want to purchase tickets that could seat them next to the dolls.

Read more about why Thailand’s political turmoil helped drive this craze, and why the Prime Minister isn’t too happy about them over here.

Source: The Economist