The Economics Of Elite Butlers

January 26, 2016 in Daily Bulletin

Turns out its possible to get your own personal Alfred. Pádraig Belton wrote:

  • Super-elite butlers can earn $157,000 a year, and if they go to the Middle East the salaries are tax-free – and often include an additional bonus.
  • Many of them are English and either have military experience, due to cut backs in the armed forces, or have acted in the past.
  • Such butlers will often oversee multiple properties, and will do things like ensuring that family visas are up to date.
  • In order to become an elite butler, you need pristine references – preferably at least one from the Royal Family.
  • You’ll also benefit from going through a diploma course that offers training in fire control, first aid, wine tasting, and social etiquette.
  • It’s not just for men. According to one academy 40% of elite butlers are female – they’ll often wait on wealthy females in the Middle East where gender segregation is common.

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Source: BBC

Via: Marginal Revolution