The Companies To Invest In, In The Event Of A Clinton or Trump Presidency

August 10, 2016 in Daily Bulletin

Which companies will benefit from a Clinton win? A Trump win? Kiplinger put together an analysis:

  • Trump wants to cut taxes on the rich so companies that market luxury products should see a boost.
  • He is running on a law and order platform which should mean a boost in business for private prisons.
  • The Republican candidate is also running on a platform of bringing manufacturing back to the United States. Companies that already manufacture in the country might have an edge.
  • Clinton is looking to cut taxes for lower income households. That should be a boost for companies that cater to them such as Walmart.
  • Democrats also typically support the continued use of government intervention in the housing market, which should keep demand high and real estate companies in the black.
  • Companies that rely on low income foreign workers, such as those in the hospitality industry, could also benefit from the path to legalization that Clinton envisions.

Read who the corporate winners will be under a Clinton presidency here, and a Trump presidency here. For a contrarian viewpoint which holds that the identity of the President doesn’t matter – only the fundamentals of a company, read Chuck Jaffe’s take here.

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Source: Kiplinger