Star Pets Are Earning More Than You

March 6, 2016 in Daily Bulletin

Zlata Rodionova wrote about pet dogs that manage to earn more money than most people on this planet:

  • If an individual’s dog has 100,000 followers on Instagram, then they can be expected to earn about $2,000 for every public appearance the pet makes.
  • The growth in earnings seems to be substantial. Get 150,000 followers and your pooch’s time is worth $3,000.
  • The top hounds can pull in $15,000 a month for their owners, letting them quit their job.
  • In addition to appearing at promotional events, pets can endorse certain brands. One rescued puppy named Toast modelled a diamond necklace and Marchesa gown for a wedding registry site.
  • It’s not all about personal profit. Some dogs give back to the community. Chloe, a French Bulldog, for example, used her second birthday party to have a raffle where proceeds went to the Humane Society of NY.
  • Brands for their part seem to want dogs to endorse their products because dogs make people happy and they’re hoping that their brands achieve the same emotional connection.

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Source: MSN

An earlier version of this article incorrectly stated the growth in earnings was exponential. User below pointed it out.