Poorer Men Prefer Bigger Breasts While Richer Men Prefer Smaller Ones

April 3, 2016 in Daily Bulletin

Vinta Mehta wrote about a study that seemed to explain the different preferences for breast size:

  • One evolutionary theory posits that large breasts signal fat reserves and thus access to resources.
  • The theory would predict then that men who feel that they are resource insecure would prefer women with larger breasts.
  • Scientists found evidence for this with poorer men seeming to prefer large breasts in a woman, while richer men preferred smaller ones.
  • Preferences may also change day to day and this seems to relate to hunger.
  • Scientists found that hungry men are more likely to prefer women with larger breasts, while men who have recently eaten are more likely to prefer women with smaller breasts.
  • A separate theory suggests that large breasts are evolution’s way of signaling that a woman would be able to bear a lot of healthy children.
  • True to the theory scientists found that men who want children prefer larger breasts than those who don’t want any.

Read more details about the study here.

Source: Psychology Today

Via: Reddit