Make Art While You Run

May 15, 2016 in Daily Bulletin

Timothy W. Martin wrote about the rise of GPS art runs:

  • An increasing number of exercise enthusiasts are mapping out their trails with the aim of having their route create an image or phrase.
  • You can get a sense of where the art was made by the GPS “brush-strokes”. American cities are usually laid out in a grid so the art tends to be blocky.
  • Meanwhile European cities tend to have longer, more flowing lines.
  • The image created by runners is usually very different from that created by bikers.
  • Some then frame the print outs of their route and depict them at galleries.
  • Running crazed couples have planned runs where the end result spells out a proposal.
  • Casual runners say that it helps break up the monotony of running and encourages them to get out more.
  • Things like cloudy weather, low batteries, and signal blocking skyscrapers can have the unfortunate effect of ruining a meticulously planned piece art run.

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Source: The Wall Street Journal