Japan Has More Electric Car Charging Stations Than Petrol Pumps

September 22, 2016 in Daily Bulletin


Nikki Gordon-Bloomfield wrote about electric car charging in Japan:

  • At last count Japan had 40,000 electric car charging stations (to the US’s 900) and 34,000 petrol pumps.
  • There’s a catch though. The count of electric car chargers includes those in people’s homes.
  • While you’d think that those don’t count because they’re not accessible to the general public, there are actually various services that allow individuals to rent out their charging stations.
  • Also you won’t need as many electric chargers in a country because one of the advantages of electric cars is that you can have a personal refueling station at home.
  • The number of electric cars on the road in Japan is still small, but is growing fast.

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Source: Transport Evolved