Interesting Technologies Showcased At The 2016 CES

January 12, 2016 in Daily Bulletin

The 2016 CES is behind us. Here are some of the more interesting inventions that were showcased:

  • A smart belt that will alert you if your stomach is actively expanding as a result of having over-eaten. (Source)
  • A wall clock that will show you how much you slept, and will display important notifications along with Uber arrival times. (Source)
  • An exoskeleton that uses weights, lenses, and earphones to help you experience what it feels like to be old. (Source)
  • A smart sock for infants that can monitor heart rate and oxygen levels. (Source)
  • A paintball helmet with a heads-up display that shows battlefield information like ammo, allied positions, and map topography. (Source)

Many of these are concepts or still somewhat pricey. Amazon has currently available gadgets that are far more affordable here.