Golfers Do Surprisingly Well In American Presidential Elections

November 27, 2016 in Daily Bulletin

Will Buckley wrote about a (almost certainly spurious) quirk of American elections:

  • In the 18 Presidential contests since World War 2, the better golfer has emerged victorious most times.
  • Truman and Carter are the exceptions.
  • The Bushes – which got two shots at the Presidency – were especially fond of the sport. Bush senior’s father was President of the United States Golf Association.
  • Trump, for his part, has golf courses around the world and is an avid player of the sport. Clinton is said to be an inconsistent putter.
  • Given that it’s going to be tough for democrats to find a better golfer than the current President-elect to run in 2020, if the relationship holds, we’re in for eight years of President Trump.

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