Frozen May Have Generated A Little Too Much Tourism For Norway

August 27, 2016 in Daily Bulletin

Norway’s tourism board helped Disney with the creation of Frozen, believing that the film would boost tourism to the country. The plan worked a little too well writes Jon Henley:

  • After the release of Disney’s Frozen, tourism to Norway increased by 20%.
  • It set off a trend with an increasing number of movies being shot in the scenic Nordic country.
  • One island’s roads are unable to handle the traffic from a sudden influx of visitors.
  • Their waste disposal infrastructure isn’t built for these kinds of numbers either.
  • And the most popular beaches are eroding away.
  • Things are only going to get worse with the number of tourists expected to double in the coming years.
  • The Economist though speaks out in the defense of such tourism. The magazine notes that it brings substantial economic benefits to local communities.
  • And infrastructure failures are more signs of poor policymaking and governance, they suggest, than anything else.

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Source: The Guardian

Via: Mental Floss