Flying In First Class? How Adorable.

October 12, 2016 in Daily Bulletin

Miquel Ros wrote about the market for personalized luxury jumbo jets:

  • Airbus and Boeing have special departments that focus on selling personalized versions of their commercial jets to the world’s elites and super-rich.
  • There are 300 of them around the world. Many of them are like the United States’ Air Force One, used to ferry around world leaders.
  • While the market is small, it is profitable. You don’t have to offer bulk order discounts to individual buyers.
  • Buyers of airplanes typically focus on factors such as fuel economy. This is not a concern for the ultra-wealthy who prefer, instead, to focus on speed and range – to ensure that they can get to their destination quickly, and without making unnecessary stops.
  • The planes cost hundreds of millions of dollars and often the cost of customizing the interior of the plane is more than the cost of the plane itself.
  • Only a handful of companies have the skillset necessary to ensure that the inside of an airplane looks like decadent luxury – but still meets all safety requirements.
  • The rich like their gold, and the typical private jumbo jet has 300 kilograms of it in fittings and decorations.
  • The jets might also be customized to include things like special on-board garages for luxury cars.
  • You don’t want to be too ostentatious though. After all, you have to consider re-sell value, and the next owner will want their own customized interior.
  • The one private jet you can’t get is a personalized version of the double decker A380. Airbus is too busy meeting airline demands for the jet to work on one off customized versions.

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