Floating Airports

July 16, 2016 in Daily Bulletin

Gensler's proposal for southeast England's airport expansion.

Miquel Ros wrote about floating airports:

  • The problem with airports is that they’re most useful in areas that are the least likely to have space for them – densely populated urban cities.
  • But many of the world’s top cities are also located close to large bodies of open water.
  • Some people have long been trying to put two and two together and build floating airports.
  • The technology is there – after all, we figured out aircraft carriers.
  • And while a floating airport would have to be a lot larger because commercial airliners need a lot more runway, they should be easier to build since they can be stationary and don’thave to be able to conquer territory.
  • Since such an airport would be built on the water it could power itself using the entirely environmentally friendly power of the waves.
  • You’d have to connect the airport to the land of course, but that could be done through underwater tunnels.
  • As with most exciting ideas the number one problem is finding an affordable way to make it.

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Source: CNN