A Beauty Contest With Robot Judges

January 5, 2016 in Daily Bulletin

Zoltan Istvan wrote about an initiative to have a beauty contest judged by robots:

  • People would take selfies of themselves for the contest and upload the photos for AI to evaluate beauty.
  • Make-up, beards, and hats aren’t allowed in the selfies.
  • The contest is expected to be held once every six months.
  • The aim of the project is more than just skin deep – through it the contest backers are hoping to teach robots how humans evaluate beauty.
  • This may lead to AI driven advances that help people look younger.
  • If robots can be taught abstract concepts such as beauty it may also be possible to teach them to appreciate art, music, and other things that humanity is fond of.
  • And if robots start to evaluate each other’s appearance then this could be the beginning of robot attraction and someday, maybe even love.

Read more about the companies and researchers backing the competition, how it is open-sourced, and other details here.

Source: TechCrunch

Via: Marginal Revolution