Will The Cast Of The Force Awakens Ever Work Again?

December 22, 2015 in Daily Bulletin

Walt Hickey looked at the post Star Wars careers of actors that appeared in the iconic movies:

  • All in all, being in Star Wars is bad for an actor’s career. 36% of the cast of episodes I-VI never acted again, and many of those who did only went on to make a couple movies.
  • Actors who were associated with the Jedi or the Rebellion went on to have the most successful careers. Actors associated with Jabba the Hutt had the worst careers.
  • Those who played human characters were also more successful than those who played alien characters.
  • One role that can lead to surprising success is being one of Padme’s handmaidens. Kiera Knightley who went onto helm the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise, was the 36th billed handmaiden.
  • Rose Byrne, who is now associated with X-Men First Class, and Sunshine, was the 18th billed handmaiden.
  • More generally, despite the negativity around the prequels, the prequel actors went on to have more successful careers than their original trilogy counterparts.

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Source: Five Thirty Eight