Why Women Jump Out Of Cakes

July 12, 2015 in Daily Bulletin

Kelly Robinson looked into the weird practice of women jumping out of cakes:

  • The Ancient Romans were the first known people to mix food with entertainment. They would cook and stuff one animal – such as a roasted pig – inside another, such as a cow.
  • They also staged animals to make them look like they were alive. Fish swam in seas of sauce, and medievals continued this practice by using alcohol to create fire-breathing effects.
  • This is also around the time that having an apple in the mouth of a pig became a thing. The idea was probably to make it look like the pig was alive and munching.
  • By the end of the Middle Ages having living things – such as birds – inside food to fly out once the food was cut open, became popular.
  • Having living people inside was a natural evolution and one banquet host managed to fit 28 musicians inside a pie.
  • By the 1800s it was usually women in the pastries as such entertainment was often presented at parties by the elite for the elite. Wives, of course, were unwelcome.
  • A 1970s article indicates that a cake jumper could make $220 (in 2015 dollars) per event.
  • By the end of the 1970s having live humans come with your meal became less common as the equal rights movement meant that more and more women were at party events.
  • The practice lives on though during events such as bachelor parties and areas of extravagant excess such as Las Vegas.

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Source: Today I Found Out