Why Losing Re-Election May Be A Blessing In Disguise

February 27, 2015 in Daily Bulletin

The comedic geniuses over at Cracked explained why winning a second Presidential term in America isn’t all that great:

  • Being President is so physically demanding that those who lose re-election live longer. Most of the longest living Presidents in history led one-term administrations.
  • The second term President’s party does badly which means a difficult Presidential term. For reasons that are unclear Americans vote against the President’s party in mid-terms during their second year, making it harder to get legislation passed.
  • It hurts the chances of the President’s favoured successor. After a two term President leaves the White Office somebody from another party is usually voted in.
  • The scandals begin to pile up and leak out. Watergate, Iran-Contra and Monica Lewinsky were all scandals that began to emerge during the second terms of administrations.

Read the full list of reasons, and the humour that makes articles from Cracked so entertaining over here.

Source: Cracked