What It’s Like To Work At A Nevada Brothel

December 10, 2015 in Daily Bulletin

Brothels in Nevada have been all over the news recently. Nicole Schreiber looked into what the fuss was about:

  • Like in any job, previous experience is a plus. Having had clients before is something that brothels look for when going over resumes.
  • There is then a telephone interview and then a one-week training period where both the brothel and the courtesan evaluate each other.
  • If you make it, then you’ll often pay a fixed daily fee to rent out a room, and then negotiate your own prices with clients.
  • Different rooms are set up to indulge various fantasies. An office type room allows a client to be the boss with a sexy secretary. A locker room allows men to be the successful football player with the sexy cheerleader accidentally entering the shower.
  • There is also, of course, a classroom. And there’s a room with video games and a giant television for those who simply want to have a girlfriend to “Netflix n Chill” with.
  • Sex is actually a fairly small part of a courtesan’s responsibilities. Most clients are lonely and in a given hour, only ten minutes will be sex. The rest will be casually hanging out.
  • The brothel that Schreiber went to had a gift shop with branded t-shirts and shot glasses. You can even buy gift certificates for friends.
  • The brothel also had a sports bar. The food was so good that upstanding locals from all over the area came to the brothel for the burgers alone. Seriously.

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Source: Thrillist