What An Assembly Facilities Manager Thinks About Jurassic World

June 21, 2015 in Daily Bulletin

Jurassic World has done rather well at the box office. Jacob Bacharach provided his inputs into how the park was managed (spoilers):

  • Park attendants chose not to kill the Indominus Rex because of the amount of money spent on it. Yet the $26 million it cost pales in comparison to the possible tort damages the park would be liable for.
  • While the park staff claim they’ve hired the best structural engineers, it seems that the enclosures are easily damaged with typical day to day wear and tear.
  • Jurassic World was a resort with hotels. Yet when guests were asked to take cover most stayed outside.
  • Letting kids drive their own bubble cars around live dinosaurs seems inadvisable.
  • Designing those bubble cars to withstand the force of a bullet rather than, say, the crushing jaws of a dinosaur, or even an inadvertent stomping by a dinosaur, seems ill-advised.
  • The signals on the radio would often break up indicating a lack of repeater stations.
  • There seemed to be no trash cans.

The full article has much more and is a very entertaining read. You should get to it here.

Source: Jacob Bacharach

Via: Marginal Revolution