The Untapped Marijuana Market: Pets

April 17, 2015 in Daily Bulletin

Alice Truong wrote about a customer segment that is often overlooked by the marijuana industry: pets.

  • Anecdotal evidence suggests that dogs respond well to the pain soothing effects of weed.
  • This is backed up by scientific research which shows that mammals usually have cannabinoid receptors.
  • However while some American states have medical marijuana laws, vets still can’t prescribe the drug.
  • If this were changed then it could be a boost to the legal weed market which is expected to have $10 billion in sales by 2018.
  • Some companies are working around the regulations. One company is unable to label its marijuana laced doggie treats as ‘organic’ since that’s a federally regulated label. Instead its advertising promotes it as “organic-like”.

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Source: Quartz