The SuperBoss And Why You Should Rest This New Year’s

December 31, 2015 in Daily Bulletin

The Economist pleaded that top executives demonstrate a modicum of sanity:

  • The World Economic Forum lists 14 things that successful people should do before breakfast. They include working on a personal project like a novel, having pre-dawn sex, and networking.
  • 90% of executives say they wake before 6am on weekdays. PepsiCo’s CEO says she gets up at 4am.
  • A surprising number go to the gym in the morning – and while working out they read, make phone calls, and maybe watch a little TV.
  • Others like to take time off to climb mountains and fly fighter jets.
  • Business magazines run articles such as “how to train like a Navy SEAL”.
  • Companies are also increasingly building lavish gyms for their employees to use.
  • Less officially some top employees are said to be experimenting with drugs that help increase focus.
  • There is evidence that boards of directors are coming to expect this kind of over-performance – and using fitness trackers to ensure that their executives are staying active.
  • People need to calm down a little. Top executives are no good if they’re going to show up to work exhausted.
  • Moreover, over-working doesn’t prove that you’re a great boss – it shows that you’re incapable of delegating.
  • And anyway, a company whose success depends on one super-human CEO probably won’t do well for long anyway.

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Source: The Economist