The History Of Fries With Your Burger

June 23, 2015 in Daily Bulletin

History of fries with that

The historians of Reddit discussed why French fries became such a common pairing with burgers:

  • White Castle was the first fast food chain to serve french fries next to burgers in 1921.
  • They may have gotten idea from WW1 soldiers returning from Europe who had gotten a taste for fried potatoes in Belgium.
  • Fries had the advantage of being cheap to make, were not frequently made at home (since few deep fried), and had a taste that was neutral and complimented meat.
  • Moreover they were both fast and cheap to make, and didn’t require cutlery to eat.
  • By the time the MacDonalds brothers opened their first restaurant, getting a side of fries with a burger was expected by patrons.

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Source: Reddit