The End Of In-Flight Entertainment Systems

July 6, 2015 in Daily Bulletin

Katia Moskvitch wrote that in-flight tv screens might be coming to a gentle end:

  • The TV screens that often come embedded in airplanes cost $15,000 a seat or almost $8 million per aircraft.
  • They’re the biggest driver of maintenance costs, after engines and landing gear.
  • With planes increasingly coming with Wi-Fi there’s less of a need to keep passengers entertained with movies. While they won’t be able to stream Netflix in the air, they can do some internet reading and chatting.
  • Other airlines are handing out devices to passengers. Openskies a French Airline distributes 500 tablets to passengers pre-loaded with videos. This costs $250,000 per plane which is much cheaper than built-in systems.
  • Another airline, Trasavia, has trialed giving out Occulus Rift virtual reality headsets to each of its passengers.
  • Aircraft can also come with movies on a central server which are then streamed to passengers’ own personal devices. Since the movies are stored onboard passengers don’t have to pay absurd charges to access the movies.

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Source: BBC