The Economics Of Prom

September 1, 2015 in Daily Bulletin

Lauren Sherman looked into the business of prom:

  • Families that earn more than $50,000 a year will spend around $800 on prom.
  • Oddly families that earn less spend more. Those that earn less than $25,000 will spend almost 1.5 times that amount.
  • Most of that money will go into the prom dress, which can cost anywhere between $200 and $800 in one major store.
  • To ensure that no two girls are wearing the same dress to a prom, stores will keep lists of the girls that have bought each of the dresses.
  • This means that big stores with a lot of inventory have an advantage. One company, rent the runway, spotted a market opportunity and offers a Netflix like service for dress rentals. The company rents $800 million of clothes a year.
  • Prom dress makers need to be agile. The dresses in demand will be those that Beyoncé and Taylor Swift were wearing in the weeks leading up to the event.
  • They also need to know the social landscape. If the prom queen buys a dress from a certain store, then they can advertise this and see a boost in sales.
  • They may also offer discounts if buyers post about their prom dress purchases on social media.

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Source: Racked