The Chinese Government Has A Nicotine Problem

April 22, 2015 in Daily Bulletin

The largest cigarette maker in the world is a company owned by the Chinese government wrote Andrew Martin:

  • One third of all the cigarettes smoked in the world are smoked in China.
  • The China National Tobacco Corp made 2.2 trillion cigarettes in 2013 – more than the next five biggest competitors combined.
  • The company directly employs half a million people at surprisingly high wages.
  • Another 19 million people benefit indirectly, by, for example, farming the tobacco for the cigarettes.
  • The company is fond of sponsoring elementary schools, informing children that tobacco can help them succeed.
  • The regulator responsible for overseeing the industry is so intertwined with the cigarette company itself that it shares the same headquarters, organizational structure, website, and even chief executive.
  • In fact the regulators hand out packs of China National Tobacco Corp cigarettes at formal events.
  • All this generated $170 billion in revenue in 2012 – more than Apple. 7% of the Chinese government’s budget is dependent on the tobacco industry.

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Source: Bloomberg

Via: Marginal Revolution