The Business Of Selling Names

October 29, 2015 in Daily Bulletin

The Economist wrote about an atypical business:

  • Many in Sri Lanka believe that names can shape destinies.
  • Therefore, when a baby is born, or a business launched, an increasing number of Sri Lankans are going to “naming consultants” that provide guidance on the names to choose.
  • At one such consultancy clients have to take a number and wait until they are called up. The service costs 500 rupees – about $3.56.
  • The practice is so popular that in 1992 the President was told the country needed to change its name to “Shri Lanka” for good fortune. He went onto be assassinated and the country quietly changed its name back.
  • The previous Sri Lankan President named an airline after himself so that his name would fly high in the skies. He was subsequently booted out of office in a surprise election defeat.
  • The airline bearing his name continues to fly high though so the naming consultant was not wrong per se.

Read more about the industry here.

Source: The Economist