Surviving The Apocalypse In Style

November 17, 2015 in Daily Bulletin

Never let it be said that Centives doesn’t look out for its readers. For all you billionaires looking for a backup in case the end of the world looms, Micah Singleton had a suggestion:

  • Vivos Europa One is a living facility built into a Soviet era cold war bunker in Germany.
  • It can survive nuclear blasts, airline crashes, earthquakes, electro-magnetic pulses, and chemical attacks.
  • It is aimed at the ultra-wealthy and includes swimming pools, movie theaters, and gyms.
  • Only 34 families will be invited to purchase real estate within the bunkers.
  • In the event of an Armageddon type event, the company behind the project will dispatch helicopters to bring inhabitants to their underground survival villas.

Read more about it here.

Source: The Verge