Skirting An Economic Disaster

November 6, 2015 in Daily Bulletin

Want to know how the markets will move? Pay attention to women’s hemlines writes Jo Ellison.

  • The more that women’s legs are covered, the worse an economy seems to do.
  • One reason could be that longer dresses are more versatile – they can be worn at work, casually, and can even be worn as beachwear making them cost effective.
  • Moreover, they work with flats and no one wants to deal with the stress of high heels during troubled economic times.
  • And long skirts mean less mental space occupied by worries about shaved legs and knobby knees.
  • Academic studies indicate that there’s a three year time lag between the lengthening of skirts and an economic crisis.
  • Somewhat alarming then that maxi dresses are all the rage this year.

Read the full theory here.

Source: Financial Times

Via: Slate