Shoes That Transform Themselves

December 7, 2015 in Daily Bulletin


Nick Statt wrote about an interesting Indiegogo campaign:

  • ShiftWear envisions shoes with flexible e-paper displays that are controlled through a smartphone app.
  • These displays can show animated designs or even just static images that change the look of a shoe every day, month, or season.
  • Users could create their own designs, or install those from an online marketplace that ShiftWear is planning to set up.
  • It’s unclear if the technology to build the shoes is available yet, but the campaigners believe that breakthroughs are on the horizon.
  • Preorders cost anywhere between $150 and $350.
  • The company set a goal of raising $25,000. As of today it has raised $220,000, almost ten times as much.

Read more about the shoes here. See the Indiegogo page here.

Source: The Verge