Santa’s Elves

December 9, 2015 in Daily Bulletin

It is the holiday season and department stores across the United States are filled with Christmas cheer. Jessica Leigh Hester wrote about the temps that Santa brings on to work as elves:

  • A large number of the elves you see at department stores are actors in between jobs.
  • Many of them have improv skills that serve them well when interacting with children.
  • As elves one of their primary responsibilities is to serendipitously learn the children’s names and to covertly inform Santa so that he can surprise the star-struck children when he greets them.
  • When parents get upset – over the length of the line to see Santa, or the way that Santa is dressed – it is also the job of the elves to be the face that they yell at, sparing Santa embarrassment.

Read more about the life of a department store elf over here.

Source: The Atlantic