Latte Art Changes The Taste Of Coffee

May 20, 2015 in Daily Bulletin

While latte artists are able to do some incredible things, baristahustler wrote about how for some it may detract from the coffee drinking experience:

  • Latte art normally has a sense of symmetry which usually leads to a ring of crema around the edge of the cup.
  • When people first take a sip of this they’ll get a strong taste of bitter coffee.
  • This will desensitize the palate, and make the rest of the drink seem bland.
  • In contrast if there’s no latte art and the crema is mixed in with the rest of the coffee, the flavor will be spread out and make the overall drink seem richer.
  • Of course having latte art may improve the coffee drinking experience overall due to the concoction’s visual appeal.

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Source: The Barista Hustle