In The Future You Could Press A Button To Launch Your Own Personal On Demand Meteor Shower

July 9, 2015 in Daily Bulletin

A Japanese company is looking to offer on demand artificial meteor showers:

  • A large number of shooting stars – often known as a meteor shower – is usually due to dust from space burning up in the earth’s atmosphere.
  • A company aims to create on-demand meteor showers by launching a satellite which is able to release a cloud of dust that soon burns up in a specific part of the night sky.
  • Different chemicals in the dust could be used to create multi-coloured showers.
  • They’re not just for entertainment. Scientists may actually learn something by studying them, since unlike regular meteors they’ll know exactly when and where to look out for them.
  • In case of cloudy weather the show could be called off about 2 hours before it is scheduled to begin.
  • It is expected to cost about $8,100 per meteor.

Read about the secret chemicals that go into the meteors, the problem of light pollution, and more over here.

Source: Space

Via: Marginal Revolution