Human Civilization May Well Have Erred In Its Choice Of Taco Emoji

June 29, 2015 in Daily Bulletin

History is riddled with mistakes and wrong turns. This can sometimes lead to war, famine, and a tribal regression to hedonistic apathy. Other times it leads to bad taco emojis according to L.A. Taco:

  • There has long been a campaign to get a taco emoji on smartphone keyboards.
  • Supporters of the movement point out that there are five different types of sushi emoji, yet the popular Mexican dish is nowhere to be found.
  • Last year the campaign got a big boost when Taco Bell, with its fat wallet, got behind the campaign to officially recognize the taco.
  • The campaign was successful and what resulted from it (pictured) makes sense. The yellow shell, green lettuce, orange cheese, and red tomato is recognizable even when the taco is shrunk down to emoji-size.
  • However, while this might be what a Taco Bell taco looks like, it’s nothing like an authentic taco. A proper Mexican taco has a whitish tortilla, and contains meat, onion and cilantro. It is not meant to have a florescent orange shell, and it’s certainly not meant to include cheddar, tomato or lettuce.
  • More than anything the emoji that was recognized is an incredible win for Taco Bell. Now anytime a taco emoji is used, people will immediately associate it with the Bell’s own products.
  • Given that emojis seem to be the new way that people communicate this would be as if Taco Bell was able to convince Webster’s dictionary to show its products when somebody looked up Mexican food.

See what an alternate, more authentic design would look like, and read about the need for an enchilada emoji here.

Source: First We Feast