GM, Toyota, Volkswagen. Spokes On A Wheel. This One’s On Top And That One’s On Top, And On And On It Spins, Crushing Those On The Ground

September 23, 2015 in Daily Bulletin

Whenever a car marker reaches the zenith of the auto industry, a scandal brings it down. Steve LeVine and Jason Karaian looked at the history and pointed to a reason why:

  • GM was top dog for 77 years. Then it grew complacent and stopped producing cars that Americans wanted. It was soon overtaken by Toyota and needed a government bailout.
  • Toyota created trends with the Prius. But soon safety concerns about stuck accelerator pads brought the carmaker down.
  • Volkswagen grabbed the crown but is now plagued by confirmed accusations about software intended to mislead consumers and government about emission standards.
  • Automobile manufacturing is a low margin business.
  • To increase market share companies need to cut price, which means cutting costs, and carmakers seem to have done that by cutting corners and skimping on safety and regulatory features.

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Source: Quartz