Figuring Out Which Private Jet To Go With

July 19, 2015 in Daily Bulletin

Paul Sullivan took a look at the arduous task of figuring out your private jet travel:

  • When it comes to flying around in a private jet there are a lot of factors to consider and most people don’t make such a purchase frequently, so there are consultancies who help you figure out your options.
  • For example if you decide to charter a jet the consultancy will provide safety support by doing a background check on the pilot to make sure they actually have experience flying that particular type of plane.
  • They may also recommend programs similar to international minutes for phone cards. Customers purchase ‘hours’ that they can use on a private jet, and they’re eligible to spend those hours whenever they want.
  • They can always top up the hours if they run out.
  • The costs usually comes out to $16,000 an hour – before membership fees and fuel surcharges.
  • This is substantially cheaper than the millions of dollars that purchasing your own jet costs.

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Source: The New York Times