Celebrity Trees

June 28, 2015 in Daily Bulletin

Sarah Laskow wrote about trees that have achieved some degree of fame:

  • The most famous trees have specific heritages and families, and live in posh districts such as Central Park or Riverdale in New York.
  • Trees might become famous if they’re really big, have a really long history, commemorate a soldier or battlefield, be planted by someone special such as a head of state, or even if they are shaped weird.
  • But most famous trees aren’t just idle celebrities coasting of off their fame. Since they’re usually large and old they have different types of branches and riddled barks that provide a multitude of habitats for ecosystems to thrive.
  • They’re often hard to find. Those who compile lists of the most famous trees don’t always put exact locations in order to protect them against over-zealous fans.

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Source: Atlas Obscura