Bow Before The Might Of Pizza

March 5, 2015 in Daily Bulletin


Even as fast food has suffered declining sales, pizza chains are seeing astonishing growth. The Economist explained why:

  • Pizza became popular in America after World War 2 when soldiers returned from Italy and spread it to the masses.
  • People (mistakenly) assume that pizza is healthier than other fast food as it contains what is seen as a good balance of meats, veggies, dairy, and grains.
  • After the financial crisis people stopped going out to eat, but ordering a pizza at home still seemed relatively cheap.
  • There is also innovation: from bacon stuffed crusts to pizza in a cone there are countless chains that offer a different take on the traditional pizza experience.
  • This keeps consumers coming back – and since many of these innovations are difficult to replicate at home, it also means that pizza chains offer an experience that people can’t get anywhere else.

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Source: The Economist