A New Gadget To Help Dog Owners Communicate With Their Pets

October 21, 2015 in Daily Bulletin

Michael Walsh wrote about a gadget intended to cross the hound-human barrier:

  • A device called TailTalk attaches to a dog’s tail and measures details about the speed, frequency, and direction that a dog wags their tail.
  • Left wagging indicates negativity, while right wagging signifies joy. Other cues are more subtle.
  • The idea is that pet owners will be able to see how their pooch’s mood changes over the day.
  • They may find, for example, that their dog particularly enjoys a certain type of food or toy. Or that they are stressed by certain environments.
  • Its creators are requesting $100,000 to bring the product to market on Indiegogo. So far they’ve raised 41% of that.

Read more about the device here.

Source: Yahoo News

Via: Marginal Revolution