Would You Want To Live In A Beer Ad?

September 6, 2014 in Daily Bulletin

Julie Turkewitz wrote about one town that has the opportunity to live in a beer ad. They’re not very thrilled about it:

  • The makers of Bud Light are turning a small town into a beer ad by flying in 1,000 youngsters and making free beer available to them for a weekend.
  • The main road of the town in Colorado has also been set up with outdoor hot tubs, concert stages, and sand pits.
  • The 1,000 participants were selected through a contest where people submitted videos proving that they were “up for whatever”.
  • A $500,000 donation was made to the city in return for being allowed to run the publicity stunt – big bucks for a town with an annual budget of just $10 million.
  • The area will be rebranded as “Whatever, U.S.A.” for the duration of the stunt.
  • Residents dislike the idea, fearing that it will ruin the tranquil spirit of the vacation town.
  • Defenders point out that the initiative will bring tourists, employ locals, and boost sales for local bars and restaurants.

Read more here, and find out why the deal was conducted in secret, what the donation will be used for, and what local residents have to say.

Source: The New York Times